And on this day, two years ago, in the midst of my own perceived calamity…

I made a proclamation.

Replaying that moment in time, I can hear the uncertainty in my voice. It was almost as if I were trying to convince myself that the words I was saying were indeed true.

Truth be told, up to that moment, I was not a firm believer in intention.

I knew good times and I knew bad, but I did not know that I had the power to set either in motion.

You see, I did not know the power of setting my intentions.

When I realized that I can speak life over dead situations, my perspective changed drastically. I realized that I can affirm greatness, and great things would appear in my life.

Small proclamations, such as – today will be a great day- will truly make the day great.

I told the world that I was an author on this day two years ago, and on that day I spoke words into existence that will forever be penned on the fabric of our collective existence.

My words were published. They were read, and they were received.

Today I sit here and confidently say that I am an author.

I know that there is power in being intentional.

Words have power. Speak and use them wisely.

You speak your reality into existence.


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