Bookish Events…

Save the date!!!

I’ll be at The Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston on Thursday, June 16th selling books at the Liberation Vendor Market. This event is hosted by SOA CO Books, which is a Black Woman Owned bookstore based in Houston, Texas.

Everyone is invited to come out and support this Pre-Juneteenth event at the museum as well as see the current exhibit, Soul of Black Folks by Amoako Boafo!

The Free Black Women’s Library HTX
My set up!
Obligatory engagement ring photo…

I also had the opportunity to set up a booth at Les Nubiennes, which is a super dope 1st Wednesday’s event brought to you by The Free Black Women’s Library HTX.

This event is for Black women to let loose and bask in the divine feminine. The Free Black Women’s Library exists to ensure that Black women have books by other Black women readily available to them. Guests bring a book by a Black woman to donate to the library and in exchange get to borrow a book by a Black woman.

I am very proud to have a copy of An Ode included in the libraries inventory! This event happens the 1st Wednesday of each month at Nubia Lounge in 3rd Ward Houston, TX.

There are so many bookish events this Summer and I’m so grateful to still be introducing new readers to An Ode.

And if you don’t follow me on social media, and/or know me personally, SURPRISE!!! I’m engaged! But more about that on the blog later…


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