Name Yourself.

She went from carrying the burdens of her past to ushering in a new season, new name, new title, new purpose, new ways. They told her to name herself, but back then she did not know the meaning of a name. Given one by mother and father, she existed for years encompassing all that was meant to be her. Fallon was always Fallon. That name told her that intelligence would be her guiding light, so she soared academically and read thousands of books in hopes of them leaving some impression on her mind and her psyche. But still, she wanted more than to live between the pages of those books. She yearned to see more, do more, be more. So, she went to college. That college gave her more titles, more experiences, more living. She made friends from around the world. She made mistakes. She made decisions that would lead her back home and give her another name, she was now known as “lawyer.”

They called her lawyer, counselor and attorney. Slowly those names began to take over her identity, and she found herself yearning for more. Words had always been her refuge, so she went back to what she knew and started to write. Soon thereafter, author became her name, and she was at peace. The book she wrote was her outlet. She no longer carried the burden of being known as broken-hearted nor was she called unhealed. The words opened new spaces, new places, and new opportunities. Platforms were created. She became known as a creator, and her heart was full.

She kept herself busy doing the work and refining her ways. She called herself poet, but there was reason missing from her rhymes. The verses held hints of yearning. Those words spoke life into another renaming. Soon she was to be known as love. He came into her life and called her future, and his, and forever. He did more than call her those things. He made them real. Then he gave her a new name.

A bride is only a bride for a moment. After all the pomp and circumstance ends, all that is left from that moment are the memories. She was only a bride for that day, but she will forever be a wife. The before and after will forever be her. She named herself and embraced the metamorphous. Fallon, F. Renee Hamilton, now Mrs. Vaughn. The writer, the lawyer, the communicator, the wife. She will name herself, FH. Vaughn and let the new life begin…


Listen to the wedding recap on the podcast below…

You Better Than Me- The Podcast


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