The Wilderness: A Silent Walk
This shift,
This change
This season
This soul
God said,
This reason
For moving forward
For standing tall
For leaning in
For purpose
And pleasure
And possibility
And promise

The theme for April is ascension…

I spent the morning surrounded by nature, as Ashlee and I walked together in silence on a one mile trial in the middle of Memorial Park. It felt as if we were miles away from civilization. We let the trail lead us. Up and down hills, under low hanging branches, with the sunshine peaking in overhead…

At first, I thought it would be difficult to walk in silence. The body and mind adjusts. We were in tune with our steps. I genuinely saw the earth around us. I noticed the beauty around me more than I would have had we been lost in conversation. My senses were heightened. The dew reflecting light, the green lushness of leaves, the intricate growth patterns patiently existing with no assistance… I felt, everything.

A silent moment with self and Mother Nature was definitely what I needed to set the tone for this month. And even though we didn’t speak many words, I felt as if Ashlee and I were truly together today.

This month is National Poetry Month, and I am dedicating time for me to indulge in poetry. Reading poetry, poetry in moment and movement of my body, exemplifying my poetic essence… Preparing to celebrate the five year anniversary of An Ode.

This month will also celebrate the rebirth of Lit and Lounge. A writing salon for Black women. Community has always been a major part of my creative journey. I wanted to build a community of women writers who could all serve the purpose of speaking life into each other through our writing. Our first event is going to be on April 15th! Registration is open, but I’m only holding space for a limited number of attendees to cultivate an intimate experience.

Register Here

I will list upcoming events and other opportunities on the Lit and Lounge website.

Happy April!


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