Bring back. Return to a former condition. Repair or renovate so as to return to its original condition.

It’s as if the Universe somehow decided that this word would constantly echo in my mind. I see it everywhere. I’ve been told that I embody it. I’ve lived through it. I write it, intentionally, and sometimes not on purpose. Some days I wake up and I’ve forgotten those parts of me. Before the betrayal and hardening of my exterior. I lay still in my current state of being and that word comes confidently to rescue me. On me. Inside of me. Present and in my presence. Everything that once was will again be.


I feel as if my restoration takes on many forms. Some days it’s the laughter that brings me to tears. The ridiculousness of how lost I thought I would be without that person or that thing. Other times it is the look of approval that I give myself in the mirror. The realization that I’m still beautiful, still confident, still loved and still living without you. Fully living. More alive than I was with you. More than I’ll ever be without you. Alive and well. Purposefully living.

I was great before. Letting go has allowed me to be better. It’s a process. The rebuilding of you will take time. Allow it to happen. Learn from the lies, be enlightened by the betrayal. Use those things as a catalyst for strength. It takes courage to come back. It takes time to come back better.

Be restored.

Welcome the restoration.


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