A new season is upon us. A new season is upon us. A new season is upon us. I was literally in the middle of writing this post when I heard the news of another life being taken. Gun violence. It is exhausting, it is disheartening and it cannot continue to happen. My heart hurts for every mother, every father who has had their child taken away from them, my own parents included. Life should not be this way. We need to regain our humanity as a people. Things must change. But I digress…

Spring has brought forth many great things. New opportunities have presented themselves and I am beyond blessed at how my words have been received.  I want to be heard and the fact that God saw fit for me to have a platform still leaves me in disbelief at times. I’m learning to accept compliments, and feeling my own confidence soar to new heights as I continue this journey as an author.

With that being said, imagine the utter shock and disbelief I experienced when the owner of Boxed Sisterhood reached out to me in order to request a copy of my book for their March subscription box. The Boxed Sisterhood is a company created to promote self-care, self-love, relaxation and healing. Included in each box is a book written by a Black female author. Tools to aid in restoration, with my book as one of the catalyst to that healing. I’m beyond grateful and would suggest everyone look into joining a subscription box membership. We so often take self-care for granted. Treat yourself and what better way to treat yourself than to receive a gift every month? Their March box is shown below with a copy of An Ode by yours truly.


Restoration has continuously been a theme in this season of my life and I am accepting it wholeheartedly. My healing is my responsibility and it is an honor to share my stories with others. It has been a painful process but it has been mine. My path to restoration includes transparency and truth. I write with my soul and it is helping me become better than I ever was before. I am thankful for this process.

Stay tuned.


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