Not Necessarily Super

I owe you more than a few random updates, but between events, life and Mercury retrograde, I’ll just say that my July got a tad bit overwhelming.

I co-hosted an event with another author this past weekend and it was a major success.

I’m wrapping up my final edits for my chapter in the Superwoman Survival Stories Book which will be available in ebook format on Friday, July 26th.

I’ve made flight arrangements to Washington D.C. for the launch of the above mentioned book.

In the midst of those plans coming together, I decided to host a separate event to promote my book. An Ode is coming to the DMV area and we are celebrating on Sunday, August 4th.

While all of that has been going on I’d like to mention that I’m starting week five of my six week transformation challenge at my kickboxing studio.

Still practicing law…

And trying to stay below 1200 calories a day.

Let’s just say that this superwoman life is not necessarily super.


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