Houston Library Foundation Readers’ Choice Award Nomination

As if the blessings that have flowed in my direction this year weren’t already enough, I am beyond speechless and grateful to announce that I was named one of the Top Five Finalist for the Inaugural Houston Literary Gala Readers’ Choice Award. This award will be bestowed upon the local author finalist with the most votes at the gala.

A slot in the top five with my first publication barely approaching its’ 1st Birthday is just so far beyond my realm of expectation. But God… The Universe is showing me so much favor. I put my heart and soul into An Ode, and for it to have given me the opportunity for this great recognition is like manna from heaven.

So while I’m antagonizing over what I am going to wear, I figured I would take this opportunity to ask for YOUR support. Voting ends on September 20th. It only takes a second to vote and my thank you’s are infinite.

Please use this link for voting: https://www.houstonlibraryfoundation.org/nominate-2019-readers-choice-awards 

Tell a friend, tell a co-worker, tell your favorite book lover!

Thanks in advance!



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