The end is near.

All that once was is on the cusp of being released into a space where time no longer matters.

New existence awaits us as we outgrow our perfectly worn in shells.

The speed we are traveling at leaves no room for us to carry any heavy baggage.

I’m taking nothing with me but the lessons.

I am walking into the unknown.

My expectations have been set.

I am prepared for the new task that await me.

Greatness has already been manifested.

Focus on the execution.

Then rise, Phoenix.


We have made it to the final leg of this year. Twenty-twenty is closer than I’d like to admit because this current rotation around the sun has been a whirlwind of unfathomable great things. My wildest dreams have become as normal as the sky being blue when I arise every morning. As I close my eyes every night, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve been in some sort of trance since last year. Yet I wake up and this is still my reality. I’ve grown so much this year. I’ve stretched myself, and I’ve stressed myself. But despite all of that I still wake up and this is still the realm I exist in. I’m grateful.

October is probably going to be one of those months that seem to last 30 minutes instead of 31 days. I mapped out a rough list of some of the things I have planned this month. I did not know such things were possible. Not for me at least. I’ve been marching to the beat of my own drum for so long that I tend to forgot to take a break at intermission. I don’t want to stop though. I need to fine tune.

Here’s a glimpse, so pay attention…

Blink and it will be November.



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