Southern University Alumni Federation 40 Under Forty Awards

On October 31, 2019, myself along with 39 other alumnus of my alma mater, gathered on the campus of Southern University for a celebration of excellence. Although hundreds were nominated for this recognition, a designation as one of the top forty individuals under the age of 40 years old achieving great things and making strides in their respective industries and communities, only 40 were selected. I found myself one of the chosen forty in that number. Collectively we are known as Cohort Deux, but individually we represent several areas spanning from law, medicine, engineering and real estate. We have created a bond and a standard of excellence that we will uphold during the tenure of our designation as a member of the cohort. We celebrated our achievements during Southern University’s Homecoming festivities. From the champagne flowing at the reception, to the beautiful awards we were gifted and the opportunity to be recognized during the pre-game ceremony of the homecoming game on the field… These moments and memories I will never forget.

A member of my Cohort, Shadrach Stephens, highlighted our entire group on his website and acknowledged us all as Trending Leaders. His REENGINEER platform is apart of an initiative he has launched to expand and inform those in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) community. I remember Shadrach from my days in undergrad and he was always a bright and knowledgeable individual. To see people that were there with you when the journey began is humbling. It’s funny because twenty years ago, I knew we were all in college to learn and decide what our career paths would be, but I never imagined the full circle aftermath of us actually living those lives we prepared for all of those years ago. Southern University created some spectacular individuals and I am proud to be considered one of them. Shadrach took it upon himself to highlight all 41 (one award was in remembrance) of us on his website, including photos and our full biographies. To learn more about the entire cohort and I click here. REENGINEERING is definitely a platform to watch, and  I am glad to have gotten my feature before they start sticking to those leaders already on the Forbes list to highlight.

There was no way to capture all of the emotion and pride on display that weekend and the photographs hardly do it any justice. As I look at my award, I am unable to control myself from shedding tears of joy. I’ve worked hard for this recognition and to be awarded in the midst of my winning season was the perfect way to kick off my new chapter of life. I am so grateful.




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