In My Humble Opinion

I had the privilege of appearing as a guest on the In My Humble Opinion podcast hosted by brother duo, Devaughn and Avery Douglas. Together they provide a witty, yet “down” perspective on everything Houston from hip-hop to the local art scene to culture. Devaughn and I have been friends since law school so the chemistry in our banter is definitely authentic. Avery and I clicked instantly and in my mind we made so much on-air magic together. Although I have been a guest on several shows now, this one was special. The guys asked me questions that my female interviewers usually don’t and it felt like being with my cousins shooting the breeze together like old times.

To listen to the full interview click here! Their show is also streamed on several other platforms for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy learning a lot more about me and my upbringing here in Houston and get the male perspective on everything that is An Ode!




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