The Essence of Self…

These days I find myself questioning who and what it is I stand for in this very moment. Still the same, moving pieces, ideals, character, desires, but layers peeled back and stripped of skin… of mass, of clothing, of being. Who am I at the essence of self?


My character has always been real, keep it real, stay real. Uncentered, yet found anytime I have strayed too far from the course. Fearlessness always shown to foes, hope & expectancy to lovers, reality, not favoritism, impartial always. My opinions range from storied to subdued… Faith unshakeable, until fists pound boundless at my core. I like what I like. I love what I love. But what else is there in the moments like these where I sit and I wonder… All these things make self. Yet who am I when I am self-less?

It makes sense to reevaluate and reassess, with the understanding that it is all for the greater good. Your capabilities, should not grow stagnant. Dreams should not constantly be just that. I do not know what I want to grow into, but I do know that I do not want to stop growing. This season always lingers. The stench of summer, hot and oppressive. I don’t like it’s wildness. The summer always makes me feel like I am immobile. I do not like the unpredictability of this season. It is now that I hibernate and await a new beginning.

Things always make sense in the Fall. I will continue to strive in this quest towards joy…


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