For my inventors…



  1. create or design (something that has not existed before); be the originator of.

Something prompted me to look up the definition of the above mentioned word a few minutes ago. I have not found myself in an extremely creative space lately outside of my everyday eccentricities, but this word just kept on floating around in my mind this evening.

Do I consider myself an inventor? A creator. A designer. Well yes, but not everyday. Then, I thought a little deeper into it. Your invention is not always going to be tangible or something you can physically hold in your hands. But everyday we are blessed with the opportunity to invent or re-invent some aspect of our lives, or our existence.

So what exactly did I invent today? Not a picture I can hold in my hand, but a newer version of myself that did not exist yesterday. Everyday I’ve been designing a life that completely fits my needs. I have been growing in love and learning how to love properly. I have been taking the steps to develop relationships and partnerships that will shape my future. I have been engaging in new ways of thinking, and this version of me has never existed before. I am the originator of all that encompasses this life I have created. Everyday I possess the ability to design, and even if I am not creating something that I can see or touch or feel, I know that I am new and different. My mere existence is my own invention.

Even if it feels like you’re not making strides toward creating “something” or some thing, don’t lose sight of the everyday pieces of the puzzle you are currently putting together. If you’ve grown at all during this time, you’ve been forced to invent a version of yourself that is equipped to handle those changes. If you have been forced to pivot or change direction and you’re still standing then you succeeded in creation.

As a note to self, I would probably say just continue to invent the life you want and know that you are doing a great job at doing it. Give yourself grace when necessary but know that you deserve to see yourself as a creator even if your creation does not look like what you think it should in this moment. None of what you are doing has existed before. You are making it and molding it as we speak. And you’re doing well…


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