BIPOC Bookfest Recap and Special Announcement…

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural BIPOC Bookfest in Houston, Texas hosted by three amazing women set on amplifying BIPOC voices. The festival consisted of several book vendors, bookstores, authors, poets and book influences all under one roof sharing their love of literature. I was one of the local authors selected to table at the event. I was able to sell copies of my book as well as meet hundreds of new readers. There were several panels going on in addition to the thousands of books being sold by all the participants. It was very reminiscent of the beloved book fairs that would come to schools across the country every year except all the authors looked like me and there was liquor involved. Basically, it was a book lovers paradise, and I cannot wait for next year! Enjoy a few snapshots below and make sure you stay tuned for information about the upcoming events sponsored by these ladies!

An Ode by F. Renee Hamilton
Signature LIT inspired drinks
BIPOC Bookfest Vendors and Authors List
Scenes from BIPOC Bookfest


Today, Wednesday, April 27th at NOON, my new podcast, You Better Than Me: The Podcast will be available for your listening pleasures. That’s right, I will be co-hosting a brand-new podcast with my friend Kristin dedicated to all thing’s Black womanhood. To say I am excited is an understatement.

I am so happy to have a platform on the airwaves that will potentially be able to touch millions of listeners. I hope you are able to tune in. Kristin and I have put in a lot of work to bring our unique perspective to the world, and we look forward to sharing YBTM: The Podcast with the people!

You Better Than Me: The Podcast teaser

Let us know what you think after you have the opportunity to listen to our first episode!


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