I’ll be the first to admit that my consistency in blogging has been pretty much non-existent since I began this journey of author/entrepreneur/brand builder here. I try my best to memorialize this six month journey I’ve been on, but of course life gets in the way, or other obligations and commitments take precedent in my day. As of late, it’s been feelings of loneliness that seem to leave me debilitated underneath my weighted blanket. You’d think in those moments I would have my strongest desire to write, instead my mind hangs in limbo waiting for the emotions to pass so I can free myself from myself. Not a cry for help at all, as I own all of my shit. This is definitely a proclamation that I can proudly share as I have no shame in that feeling. My transparency and realness are my strength. This ability to fully allow myself to feel and touch and taste and smell and hear… I’m experiencing the human experience. I am the experiences of humanity that make the world uncomfortable. My vulnerability like an oxymoronic shield protecting me from destruction but showing so much of me to the world. All of this is mine to live with and grow through & learn from and shine even brighter from within from. Everybody isn’t brave enough to do that. Nor do they have the strength to face such realities without it destroying them. I gave up on the concept that someone could intercept a blessing from you. You know when people see you doing well then speak ill of your accomplishment, or see you happy with something or someone and try to plot and maneuver their way in to take it. A person can’t take away something that was given to you that you truly deserve. The same way that nobody is volunteering to take the pain away from you it’s going to be even harder for someone to step in the way of your progress. Consistently carrying it all. This shit that I’m doing is important and it’s not for everybody. You may not understand it but I can see the bigger picture and it goes beyond the feelings we curate to share with the world. My transparency is consistent. It will be my catalyst towards greater and greater things. Upward mobility only, nothing lesser, ever…

In the meantime, I have a backlog of updates and news I would like to share here but alas this weighted blanket… I’ll be certain to share my vacation photos as well as pictures from past events I participate in as well. I’m trying to be more consistent with that.

God willing.



2 thoughts on “Consistency.

  1. Consistency and Blogging? Is that a thing? I feel you. I have not been on my blog regularly for a while now and I’m just now finally coming to some kind of peace about it. Like, it’s okay. : ) Keep doing you!!


    1. Lol! I miss the good old days when the blog was all I had to worry about maintaining 🙂


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