The Countdown Begins…

Days 1-30 #TheFutureIsForty Challenge

Welcome to the final days of September. As a serial organizer, planner, and lover of having something to look forward to, I present to you all FIRST, the official #TheFutureIsForty Challenge. I function better when I have an agenda. Blame it on my obsessive compulsive personality disorder (diagnosed may I add), or maybe the fact that this month was so grueling that I wrecked my brains trying to see the good in all things to almost no avail… but I needed something to hold me accountable. Y’all know I am dramatic. I’m a Scorpio for God sake and I needed something that would force me to reflect. I needed a way to remember that in the midst of it all good still prevails. Since writing has always been my refuge, I decided to commemorate the countdown until my 40th birthday with a writing challenge.

I present to you the official 40 Day Until Forty Challenge.

The countdown to my turning 40 years old begins on September 30, 2021. Thursday marks the beginning of my trek to November 9th, my birthday. Starting on Thursday, I will be using the prompts above to aid me in my reflections. In my old age (middle age?), I want to be more intentional about my brand and social media presence. I will use the prompts as motivation for blog entries, journal posts, as well as for curating my Instagram and newly created TikTok feeds. This latter half of my life will be dedicated to creation and my creativity. The other side of my brain needs more attention.

So here are the rules:

  1. Starting this Thursday, September 30th, dedicate some time to use my first prompt as your guide. Write in your journal, or make a social media post. Share your story.
  2. Use the #TheFutureIsForty with your post so that I can see them and keep them housed for my own pleasure.
  3. Have fun and don’t think too hard about it. You don’t even have to go in order. Just pick a prompt and use the hashtag so I will know what the hell you are actually using as your inspiration.
  4. Yes, I know this is only 30 prompts for my overanalytical peeps. Don’t worry, the last 10 days of the countdown will be a little different.
  5. Indulge me. I deserve it.

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